2016 Western Loss Fall Conference Appraisal Session by Zelle LLP
This presentation was done by one of the premier insurance defense firms in Texas, and this is how they play the game, mostly using the conflicting Summit Park case order.  Click Here

California Senate Bill 488 as approved, will ensure that PA’s can charge fees on the entire claim and not just incremental value. It gives equal access to PA’s. RMAPIA members are encouraged to contribute $1,000 to offset the expenses of the CAPIA. Click here for a letter from the CAPIA President. To see the Bill click here

RMAPIA Members, I am in search of Public Adjusters to join together for a class action lawsuit against Nationwide Insurance Company and Harleysville Insurance Company. Have you worked with either of these companies in the past? Have they interfered with your relationship with a client? Have they made any statements to the Insured that affected your relationship with the Insured in any way? If you have had these or similar experiences, please call or email me. Thank you. 

Very truly yours,
Noah J Fried, Esq.
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