rick glavick web 1As I get settled into 2018 as President of the Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and look back to our beginning, one thing stands out. Our Association will celebrate its 5-year “anniversary” in 2018.

Thinking back to that first organizational meeting in 2013 we as an Association were brought together by a piece of legislation that had a direct effect on our profession. Colorado House Bill 13-1062, Concerning the Regulation of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Our organizational efforts were not formed in opposition to the bill, but in support of it. We as a profession recognized the benefit of the bill and knew that our input would be beneficial to our profession and the regulation of our industry, so that we would be better able to serve the consumer. As testament to that commitment our organization was formed to serve the Rocky Mountain States, not just Colorado and in 2017 New Mexico saw its first ever Public Adjuster licensing law as part of our effort.

From those humble beginnings and through the selfless commitment of the officers, board members, general membership and sponsors our organization now has an Executive Director. We continue to grow in membership, we host 2 continuing education seminars annually to further the knowledge base of the profession, and we continue with our legislative efforts to advance insurance laws for the benefit and protection of the consumer throughout the Rocky Mountain states.

2018 promises to be a challenging year for us. Our mission continues to focus on the profession and consumer as we move forward with our prior legislative efforts concerning an appraisal bill in Colorado and look for ways to develop professional relationships with the Arizona firefighters, and increase RMAPIA membership.

Success as an Association and as a profession truly depends on the continued involvement and commitment of both of our members and sponsors. I look forward to serving the Association as President in 2018 and I urge you to become personally involved with the Association by joining one of the committees, identifying and pursuing potential sponsors, and by maintaining our Professional Code of Ethics.

Best Regards for a Prosperous 2018.

Rick Glavich