about-1The Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is comprised of public adjusters operating in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. In order to become a licensed public adjuster, a rigorous exam must be passed and in certain states we must adhere to continuing education requirements. Our members are licensed by the various states’ Division of Insurance. A public adjuster should not be confused with independent adjusters or any other type of adjuster that works on behalf of the insurance companies.

We adjust claims on behalf of businesses and homeowners. While we are adjusters who work for the insured, we are, first and foremost, consumer advocates. That is why we created our association and this website.

Serving as a consumer advocate first and a public adjuster second places a greater emphasis on the service component of our profession. Insurance companies employ and have on their vendor lists an entire cadre of professionals to help them. There are countless entities that only work for the insurance companies and they remain loyal to the carriers that pay them and give them repeat business. Without the services of ethically committed public adjusters, insured's who have suffered a loss too often find themselves at a disadvantage.

What do we mean by "ethically committed"? As with all professions, there is a skill set and expertise that is learned over time. Our members believe in continuing education in order to stay on top of the many tedious issues that may arise when interpreting a policy or adjusting a claim. It is important to have the experience in handling matters such as co-insurance penalties, proofs of loss, deductibles, estimating, actual cash value determinations, or analyzing various coverage applications. In order to serve as a public adjuster, one must be adept at navigating all aspects of a claim. Members of our association act with integrity and always put the insured’s needs first.

We are here for you!